I'm excited to have you here. My name is Stanislav. My journey in the world of design began in my childhood when my father introduced me to the world of computers through Atari and its games. This sparked my curiosity and led me to explore the inner workings of technology.

As I grew older, I delved deeper into web development and design during my high school years. I then pursued a degree in computer science at City University, where I worked as a freelancer and at local web agencies. After graduation, I joined an eCommerce CMS company, CS-Cart, and honed my skills in web development and design.

Eventually, I found my passion in user experience and interface design, leading me to take on a UX/UI designer role at Devexperts, an international fintech company. I gained valuable experience in the financial industry and product design, and I even managed several design teams.

In 2021, I decided to take on a new challenge and joined Deutsche Bank in the fintech field, as I am highly interested in this subject area and wish to continue developing my expertise in it.